How Mary lost over 200 Pounds

Mary at her heaviest weighed 352 pounds.

She used food for comfort. In her own words “I dropped out of high school because I was so embarrassed of the way I looked. Doctors told me I would eventually end up in a wheelchair because my joints weren’t able to carry my weight. I was tired of being the biggest girl in the room with a pretty face so I decided to finally change my life for good”.

And she did in a very impressive way.

Mary lost 200.5 pounds.

Mary says she was tired of being embarrassed as the biggest person in the room. Her doctors wanted her to have surgery to get the excess fat off. But Mary wanted to prove them wrong. She wanted to to find that fire in her and know that she could do this on her own. she wanted to appreciate every single pound that she lost and earn the improvement with hard work and willpower and dedication.

To maintain her weight at 200 pounds for the past five years, this is Mary’s routine.

Mary’s daily diet routine:

  • Every morning she starts her day with a protein blast turkey bacon or turkey sausage with scrambled egg whites. She has lots of water too and this keeps her satisfied till lunch.
  • Lunch is a low-carb wrap with light mayonnaise or mustard lean deli meat lettuce tomato and onion on the side, a small serving of baked chips or pretzels and fruit or a light Greek yogurt for desserts. Lots of water again through the noon.
  • She keeps her snacks high in protein, low in carbs. It’s mostly Turkey pepperoni and a light string cheese.
  • Dinner involves a healthy twist on Chinese takeout. It is usually spiral zucchini a noodle stir-fry with chicken and a little sesame oil with veggies. Again water, lots of water.
  • An occasional late-night indulgence may include a scoop of light ice cream because you can’t deny yourself too much.
  • Wednesday nights is the family pizza night. This involves the most delicious flatbread pizza. Flatbread lavash crust pizza, little light cheese, a little light red tomato sauce, lots of veggies turkey pepperoni.

Mary “I do have a ten year old son he’s my little hockey player and I didn’t want to be the mom that stood to the side watching him grow up. I wanted to be that role model that active mom. we ride bikes together, we skate together, we have fun together. He’s my pride and joy and I love cherishing those moments with him.

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